5 Tips For Women In Business

5 Tips For Women In Business

5 Tips & Strategies For Women In Leadership

Women in business must quickly learn how to outmaneuver the male-dominated business sector in order to survive a position of power. It is an art to showing strong leadership qualities without being penalized for it.

1. Dressing For Success

“Dress for success” is the modern equivalent of “clothes maketh the man”—that is, it articulates the belief that what you wear matters in everyday life. However, it’s 2019 and in its modern guise, this is a discourse specifically on a business dress that proclaims the importance of sartorial presentation in the workplace.

Building Your Executive Look

  • You should have in your wardrobe is a solid color conservative suit, dress, skirt or slacks. Add a coordinated shirt or blouse and moderate shoes. Men should add a couple of classic colorful neckties that show off their personality. It also shows you put some thought into coordinating your shirt and tie.
  • Always keep jewelry limited. If you wear rings, keep it to one ring per hand. If you wear earrings, wear only one earring in each ear, And by all means, remove any facial piercings until you find out if the company you work for allows piercings.
  • Keep your makeup light, and nix the perfume or cologne.
  • Carry a nice portfolio or leather briefcase.

Women In Leadership Roles Face A Very Common Dilemma.

If they’re strong, assertive leaders, they’re viewed as domineering and abrasive, encountering resistance

That being said, if they aren’t assertive enough, they’re viewed as weak and a pushover, making it hard to get support within the organization.

As a woman, you must and identify strategies to deal with it.

All leaders, regardless of gender, face conflict and resistance and have to work with people who think,

will show you how to recognize when there’s gender bias at play and when there isn’t and how to address any issues that arise.

2. Negotiate Skills Are Key.

So how do women best negotiate in the workplace?

They have to master effectively provide both positive and negative feedback and how they can strengthen their emotional intelligence to stand out as a leader among both men and women.

Women have to quickly recognize when there is a gender dimension at work and how they can outstrategize gender bias and their own habits to achieve better results.

Are Women Afraid To Negotiate for Themselves?

Some women are because women are taught early to create equity in relationships. When you negotiate with someone and you feel that you’re taking something away from them, that feels like a violation of the social contract you were raised with.

There’s little wonder, that negotiation feels deeply uncomfortable for many women.

Negotiating Is A Critical Skill That Everyone Needs

Yet negotiating is a critical skill that everyone, especially women, has to practice and master in order to be an effective leader.

Ladies should practice key behaviors that help negotiations, including asking for what you want—something most women are not taught to do.

Some women leaders who are not already practiced and comfortable in negotiation settings, but those who find negotiating stressful, uncomfortable, and difficult.

Negotiating is a routine part of daily life and leadership, and approaching it with confidence and skill continually signals that you know your worth.

Research Shows Emotions Predict Intelligence

Research shows that emotional intelligence is a critical predictor of performance and a very strong driver of leadership and personal excellence.

Those with high emotional intelligence can typically read a room quickly, clue into subterfuge and more easily show respect and empathy.

While soft skills such as those may not sound impressive, they can be imperative for a woman in a leadership role. You can be a top performer without any emotional intelligence, but the numbers are against you.

3. Learn To Use Emotions To Your Advantage

Women leaders can develop their emotional intelligence and learn how to use it to their advantage to manage their team to greater success.

Feedback Is Critical

Research shows that feedback is critical for leaders. Creating a culture of feedback is key to a team’s success.

The more successful a team is, the better an organization’s bottom line. However, there is an art to giving and receiving feedback and if not done properly, feedback can have a negative impact to morale.

Teams who receive feedback in a positive, supportive way will strive to continue to do well.

There can be a gender dimension to giving and receiving feedback that is critical for women in leadership roles to understand, as men and women react differently. explore strategies for working as effectively as possible to lead a high-performing team.

4. Maintain Good Energy And Positivity

To maintain energy and positive focus, it’s critical for women in leadership roles to maintain a healthy and productive balance as a team leader and teammate.

5. Drop Competitive Attitudes And Seek Collaboration

Women in business have adapted to a very masculine environment in which the need to fight and compete for command success.

We believe that being extremely competitive will “prove” our belonging and “justify” our ability to stay in control in the masculine business world. We hence become competitive with men and especially towards other women. Almost like there can be a limited number of women who can succeed.

We see success as very individual, not realizing how much more powerful we are together, forgetting that competition is useful to gain the lead on a project, not the domination over someone. The more women in business succeeding, the better the business environment becomes for women on the rise.

Collaborative leaders who inspire success in others, men and women, are in demand. Women are naturally collaborative but we have forgotten this. Power is creating a space where abundance reigns for all to rising, as we elevate ourselves, we elevate others to do the same.

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